Unexused Absence

origami_jediLike the picture?
It’s like my life at the moment: cool, but complicated.
I didn’t mean to be ignoring you, internet, and as a matter of fact, I really haven’t been — there have been a number of emails to large (and not so large) groups of people going out, and lots of posts to various forums, and even a couple posts to my gaming-related blog.
I just … ahh … forgot to post anything HERE. Right, then, moving on?
Work (in which I am currently building an interactive online course for basic Outlook use… which is a lot cooler and MUCH harder than it sounds) is going swimmingly, though it is jamming up quite a lot of my FM dial, so to speak.
We, the newlyweds are good — we’ve got almost everything unpacked that needs unpacking, and next week my parents are in town and we’re going to replace almost all the carpet on the first floor with laminate flooring, because there’s nothing I like better than coyotes on iceskates excited dogs on a hardwood floor.
Kaylee begins preschool next month. She is very excited. We are very excited. I think it’s going to herald a true sea-change for her in terms of development. And diapers. Did I mention the excited?
Anything else? A lot of geeky gamer type stuff, but nothing worth noting at the moment.
Oh, just as a historical note: Obama’s going to be our Democratic nominee, and I’m voting for him. Also, someone in the House filed papers of Impeachment for George W. Bush. Now if Cheney would only resign for medical reasons, it’d be a pretty good month.
It’s going to be very interesting around here, come the election time — mine might be the only Obama sticker in the parking lot at work… perhaps in the whole neighborhood. At least they’re all relatively cordial about it.

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  1. hang that sticker – hell put a sign in the yard. What’s the development going to do, fine you?? Oh yeah, they just might – it would totally be worth it.

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