Kaylee’s first Movie

Some of you have been scarred in the past.
It’s perfectly understandable.
Affectionate fans of the great Dr. Seuss,
Risking two long hours on a gamble.
The Grinch live action, while quite energetic
Was quite a deplorable mess.
The cat in the hat? We don’t like Seuss like that.
The f* they were thinking? Can’t guess.
So I heard about Horton, and didn’t succumb
Thought it would be either awful or dumb.
But time has gone by, and reviews have been high
and Kaylee is old enough now: “we could try…”
I crossed all my fingers, and knocked on some wood,
And went to the movies, hoping it would be good.
It was smart, it was funny, it made my cheeks ache
from all of the smiling; it’s really that great.
It got me laughing, it brought me to tears,
It’s the best children’s movie I’ve seen in six years.
Kaylee laughed, and she cowered
She cheered and she glowered
She clapped for the hero when we got to the end
And wanted to see it all over again.
What do I think? Should you go see this flick?
YES. For fun family time, this sure does the trick.
It’s crafted with love and affection and glee
with some real touching moments that sure got to me.
It’s not the same thing as the book, read aloud,
but I’d like to think Dr. Seuss would be proud.

3 Replies to “Kaylee’s first Movie”

  1. Dr. S would also be proud of your ability to string a sentence together:) Nicely done.

  2. What a great poem about an obviously fun time for you and Kaylee. I want a copy. Hey the computer illerate one here thinks she can print it from here–duh!

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