The Clock, she is ticking down…

March, which came in as a lion and will probably go out like a frenzied events coordinator, is upon us here at Casa Testerman. To say there’s quite a lot going on leaves a bit too much to the imagination of the reader; I should shoulder some of the burden.
Start with the Democratic Primaries, then add to that a few little wrinkles. Perhaps the two main candidates are getting married. Bill is out of town for two weeks and won’t be available to help with any scheduling. One candidate is starting up a new business, and the other is lining up a job in case the whole election thing falls through. Oh, and it’s time to start looking at preschools. And there’s a book revision going on (again), and two editing jobs.
There’s quite a lot going on.

Yesterday was our second anniversary, which is both amazing and kind of sad. Amazing for all the obvious reasons; sad because it will be the last time we really celebrate it as our ‘main’ anniversary; we’ll be (happily) replacing that date with our wedding, which is all to the good, but I can’t help but feel as though I’m abandoning a good friend who helped me through a rough time.

The gifts for our flower girl and ring bearers arrived yesterday, and are great. I’m a bit more tickled by the groomsmen gifts, but they aren’t here yet — as far as gift-giving goes, I’ll have to settle for finally getting Dave his birthday gift only two months late, as a kind of babysitting thank-you, I suppose. Part of the gift is FROM OUTER SPACE, which makes me happy.