Experiencing Technical Difficulties

While toddlers are generally soft and pliable creatures, it turns out they do not interact with one’s eyeball very well. Live and learn.
For the next few days I’m going to be cultivating a dashing new look and pretending that words like ‘avast’ and ‘matey’ and ‘swab’ are necessary adjuncts to an eye patch designed to protect a pretty badly scratched cornea.
Kate informs me that if my condition persists, we’re going to ditch the Double Down swing band for the reception and go with a Pirate-themed wedding, including a parrot sidekick for the bride.
I’m considering faking it.

One Reply to “Experiencing Technical Difficulties”

  1. Have you considered going for a dashing spy motif? Eye patches are evidently de rigeur for such affairs.
    At the very least, you could take up wearing Hathaway shirts …

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