The holiday movie-watch concludes, and the winner is…

Juno, by a landslide.
Don’t misunderstand: I thought I Am Legend was a wonderful adaptation and update to the original story, well-acted and scary; Sweeney Todd was a horrid delight; and even Golden Compass was an enjoyable romp (kudos to Meera, I think, (or De) who summed it up as ‘great frosting, white cake’).
But for sheer joy of watching, truly laugh-out-loud moments that made me cover my mouth to keep everyone else from losing the dialog, heart-warming, heart-wrenching, touching, smart, true film making? (With perhaps the best soundtrack I’ve heard in years as an added bonus.)
Juno. Number one with a bullet. I highly, highly recommend you go see it, if you have the means.

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