Catanification, Paint, Revisions, Champagne, and a battering ram named Grond

As I may have mentioned, I got most of the expansions available for Catan during the holidays, and we’ve had a chance to play a couple times since then.
Current tally:
– me: 1
– kate: 1
– champagne: 2
I hope everyone had a happy New Year’s Eve Arbitrary Calendar Event Celebration. We had Kaylee, so the evening was a relatively quiet one spent at home, working on a Super Secret Web Project, and then curled up on the couch to watch the extended director’s cut version of Return of the King until well into the night (Denethor was taking a flaming header off Minas Tirith when midnight rolled around).
There are worse ways to see in the New Year.
Tomorrow, it’s back to the grindstone, not to mention a new agently-originated series of revisions for Hidden Things. Evenings, I suspect, are going involve more work on the kitchen/family room project, which ended up being much more involved than we’d anticipated. More on that (with videos!) later.