I saw the second half of Drive‘s premiere tonight.

It’s so good. Nathan Fillion is so good.
The ratings for the first night were terrible. I’m sure it’s going to be canceled.
But it’s So. Good.

4 Replies to “I saw the second half of Drive‘s premiere tonight.”

  1. Here I thought it was “Doyce likes it” and “sure to be cancelled” that went together …
    I thought the commercials looked interesting (“Look — Nathan Fillion being beat up by the Man … and getting into a bank robbery …”).

  2. I have now seen the first two episodes, plus most of the one aired tonight — it’s bloody good.
    It’s… it a bit like the movie “The Game,” mixed with …
    Oh, I dunno, it’s a really good premise, and a great cast. I like it alot.

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