So, as I may have mentioned, I’m doing revisions on Hidden Things right now. Having wrapped up the main effort, I sent the document to a couple of readers. ***Dave sent me his feedback already, all of which was valuable (even if I don’t end up using all of it), but I wanted to share one comment that really tickled me.
In one section, Dave points out an inconsistency in my use of typographic settings by noting the following:

Dragons speak in all-caps italics.

Now granted, I established that particular rule in the story, so really he’s just telling me that I’d forgotten to do that in that spot.
Still, it really amused me to see the rule summarized and stated so clearly.

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  1. “(even if I don’t end up using all of it)”
    Good Lord, if I thought you’d end up using all of it, I’d write it a lot more carefully!

  2. I know you’re doing revisions, but I swear, if we don’t get some new blood over at 100 Word Stories, we’re going to implode. So please beg your writerly friends on our behalf, ayuh? Oh, and you can post, too. :)

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