Life Imitates Game

Seven Things I Learned from World of Warcraft (Go to to read it — I’m killing the link because the trackback spammers are coming back here.)

1. Kill injured monsters first
In Warcraft: When facing multiple bad guys, the temptation is to go after the one who’s hitting you hardest. This is often a mistake. That injured razorback, the one who is running away? He’ll be back in 15 seconds, likely with other baddies in tow. So take a few clicks to kill him now. Once he’s dead, you can focus completely on the guy who’s smacking you.
The real world may not have druids and paladins, but it’s chock full of monsters. They’re called “term papers” and “errands” and “mysterious car problems.” At any given moment, there may be one monster that looms larger than all of the others, who clearly needs to be attacked. But before you do, look around for injured monsters — the half-finished tasks that probably need only a few more minutes to complete. If you don’t deal with them now, they’ll be a constant distraction, and may eventually come back stronger.
This “injured monster theory” is why I try to return every phone call the day I receive it, and respond to every email within 24 hours. If a warning light comes on in my car, I go to the mechanic that day. Whenever I find myself thinking, “I need to remember to…” then I know I’ve failed. I don’t need to remember. I need to do. I need to finish.

There’s more I could write about this, but honestly? I need to train up my Revision skill, grinding on adverbs in Hidden Things.

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  1. Good advice (in RL and not). Even true in CoX — those injured guys may not bring back friends, but they hit as hard as the non-injured guys. Three partially wounded oranges hit as hard as three unwounded oranges — but not as hard as one dead orange and two lives ones.
    With both our MM and Scrapper duos, I’ve found concentrated fire is the way to go.

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