Random Predictions for the next Studio Sixty and the Sunset Strip

  • It’s ironic that so many girls were all over the snowboarder at an Abstinence Fundraiser.
  • The writer guy is going to tell Simon that the reason he didn’t want to do the Militant Fruit of the Loom sketch isn’t because it’s black, but because it’s stupid and not-funny. Because it’s stupid and not-funny — you can see it in the rehearsals. His line, spoken so softly I have to turn up the television, will be something like “I’m not anti-black… it’s just a dumb idea.” That is my expectation.
  • Danny will tell Jordan exactly when he fell for her, and it’ll totally charm her.
  • Matt will get metaphorically kicked in the man-parts by Harriet so hard that one of them will pop.
  • HOWEVER, his introductory speech at the benefit dinner for her will be so insanely touching that her dolphin heart will grow three sizes anyway. Which effect will just make her angrier, or at least more frustrated.
  • Where the heck is the gossipy chick that Matt was dating before? The cast member? She hasn’t been on, even in the background, in ages.

That is all. Back about your business.