Storyball 2

“He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.”
— Abraham Lincoln
So: finished up my meager contribution to April’s Storyball last night. A very fun project I’ll eventually link to, but which I’ll sum up by saying “10 Authors, working in six rounds over the month, writing the stories that go with someone else’s keen title ideas, and tied into the stories that have already been written, using nifty hyperlinks and stuff.”
It’s cooler than it sounds, so if it sounds cool, it’s even cooler than that.
This time we set the tales in the Midway Truckers Paradise, and … I dunno yet, cuz it’s not quite done, but I think we destroyed the world.
Well… someone did, anyway.
It was fun. Different than the first Storyball, which had more short-story-type entries — this one tended toward entries that felt more like chapters in a book — less self-contained, I guess.
Very cool. Very different this time around, and cool for that reason as well.

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  1. One “proper short story” came out of what I wrote, but I think we grasped characters a little more firmly than in the first Storyball, and ran farther with them. Me, I liked colouring things in, doing more “illustration” than necessarily stapling down plot, but I tried to tie a few loose threads up, and, heck, once we have the last couple official pieces in, I know I might have a knot or two to add. (Presuming those last couple official pieces are enough rope to hang…erm. Heh.)

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