The Je Joue programmable massager.

“The great thing about foreplay is that unlike doing it yourself, you don’t quite know what’s coming next,” he says. “There’s a sense of ‘otherness,’ which is very exciting. It’s unpredictable. I wondered why you can’t have a product that does that. It’s not trying to replace a person, but it’s easy enough to have a programmable product that has enough ability and variability to be able to surprise you.”

The passage above, incidentally, is how I found the Wired article, via a perfectly innocent Google search. I swear!

If you like what it’s doing and you want more, you can adjust the intensity or speed with a press of a button. To make sure it keeps doing what it’s doing, press and hold the “don’t stop” button.

I’m sorry, but that’s awesome. All technology should have a “don’t stop” button.