Firefly, Season Two

Elayne writes:

You were the first person I ever heard talk about Firefly, and I wondered what on earth you were so het up about. Then I saw the movie Serenity, and someone said, “Yeah, it’s based on the series Firefly,” and I went “ooooooooooooh,” and rented the first DVD of the series. The next day, I went out and BOUGHT the entire first series, and have been cultivating a stalkerish one-sided love affair with Mal Reynolds (that’s right; I’m in lust with the character, not the actor) ever since. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but I checked your “geeky fanboy” archives and didn’t see anything – a reader of my blog just posted a link to Joss Whedon’s Firefly, Season 2 – apparently a fan-club is trying to work out a way to get a second series. I don’t know what the odds are (or whether the actors, writers, Joss Whedon, etc are aware of this/willing to do it) but I thought I’d drop you a line anyway in case you somehow missed it, and also to apologize for all those times I thought “What on earth is he even TALKING about?!” (c:

I love that I’ve turned even one person onto the show. I love that people bring stuff like this to me. Just gives me a happy. :)

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