Serenity Evangelizing

The thing that will really determine the ‘success’ or ‘not-entirely success’ of Serenity is in the second week turnout for the movie — first week estimates were dead-on-the-money for what Universal had estimated, almost exactly, but their projections for the second week are a lot fuzzier, and a good turnout means a great deal to the suits, when folks start talking about sequels.
Maybe you’ve gone already. It’s a good movie. Go again. You know Corpse Bride’s going to be running in 10 theatres an hour until Halloween — you can skip it another week.
Maybe you haven’t gone yet. Don’t wait. It really is that good, it really is funny, it really does have great dialogue and great actors and scary bad guys.
Go. See the show. It deserves it, and so do you.

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