Truth stranger than fiction

100 Words or Les Nessman, another really fun writing-exercise blog, says:

Tell the truth: a scene from a dream you had last night.

My comment-entry, below the cut:

I dreamt about my daughter last night.
She was standing right next to the head of the bed, on my side. Grinning. Neat little baby teeth, one missing. Poofy purple winter coat. Pink yarn mittens with the string that runs through the sleeves to the mate on the other side. Matching stocking hat with wisps of red-blonde hair drifting around her face and a braid hanging down her back.
Ready for school.
“HI!” she chirp-shouted, already giggling at waking me up.
Which I did, within my dream and without, startled and smiling.
Born three days ago, and already playing pranks.

One Reply to “Truth stranger than fiction”

  1. Hmmm…
    I’ll have to get back with you on this.
    The only dreams that I remember are the ones that I have when I am waking up, or coming out of REM.
    Which means weekends when I get to sleep-in.

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