Browncoat, Forever

I’m not going to say much about the movie. Here are a few thoughts:
1. Joss Whedon is one of best storytellers currently living.
2. You will not know what to expect. Afterwards, you may (as I did) see why such and such happened, or why it had to, or what it accomplished, but going in… no. You won’t. You won’t know what to expect, and you won’t know how anything is going to work out.
3. My concerns (from the preview) of River’s fight scenes being clunky are unfounded — she moves with the grace of the dancer she is. Amazing.
4. It’s one of the better stories I’ve seen told on film, period. It’s one of the best sci-fi movies I’ve seen in … I don’t remember the last one I liked that much. I need for someone who hasn’t seen it to watch it and tell me if it’s confusing or if relationships are unclear, but I don’t think they are.
5. Joss had a recorded message to the Browncoats at the beginning of the show that was awesome. Just awesome.
Finally: I’ve always preferred Joss’ original explanation of the ‘verse: “one system, many planets, colonized by generation ships, don’t talk to me about science” approach — it’s the way the original voice-overs for the show read, and it’s what I liked about it. The movie sticks with that, cuz F*x isn’t in there fucking with things.
Anyone who has a problem with the tech of it or the odds of a system like that existing can explain how it’s any more unbelievable than the fairytale of Faster Than Light travel. (Something the human mind *wants* to believe simply because the vastness of space means we will probably always be alone, otherwise.)
Firefly’s always been about the people. The tech is irrelevant. There are worlds. These folk live on em. These other folk fly between them. Sometimes it takes awhile. “Dead in the Water” means “no power” not “stationary”. The end.
Absolutely. Amazing.
Update: Dave’s thoughts here.

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  1. One of the most amazing things Joss did with this movie is that for the last half hour, you don’t know what’s going to happen. He takes away all your … reassurance that “this will happen, or this won’t, because of this… or that…” and after that point — you don’t *know*… you *care*, but you aren’t sure of anything… edge. of. your. seat.
    I would not spoil that for the *World*

  2. Yeah, it’s a long haul to the movie opening. Can even dedicated Firefly/Serenity fans control themselves enough to keep the kitties in the bag? I hope so.

  3. I was surprised how complete the advance screening was… most of the special effects looked nearly complete. There were some shots that needed some additional color processing and a couple of out of focus shots that I bet get trimmed, but the version we saw was really close to ready to go.
    And yeah, Joss’ introduction was just classic. I hope to heck they put it on the DvD.

  4. I agree that, ultimately, the whole “lots of planets in a system” thing doesn’t matter, plot-wise, and doesn’t affect most people. The only advantage that “FTL Magic” has over “Dozens of habitable planets in a single solar system Magic” is that the former is an accepted SF trope and the latter is no more likely but a lot more head-scratching.
    Science isn’t the strong point of the movie, but, then, it’s not meant to be. And I realize this is just my own pet peeve, and it didn’t stop me from ranking the movie as “Excellent.” Or wanting to see it again.

  5. I was expecting a lot more “SHOT OF SHIP EXPLODING HERE” and greenscreen and stuff, too. Pleasantly surprised.
    And I was expecting a movie that needed more obvious edits, and was also pleasantly surprised.

  6. Well, I think if someone were to leave spoilers here, Doyce might have to ask Jayne to go have a word with’em. Or Mal. Or Zoe.
    Or River …

  7. Yeppers!
    A great big thanks to Doyce for the tickets!

  8. Good in a way that leaves you wanting to see it again and again, just to see the magic happen all over.
    I would love to see it again because I’m sure I missed some things that went by too fast. I think the one little problem that I have with it is, the movie has the density of plutonium. There is a definite urgency as far as pacing goes which works for the story, but leaves you a bit breathless at the end of it, sinking back in your chair and saying “Whew!”
    Outstanding Movie!!

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