Ten months to go?!?

Serenity was screened last night in California and three reviewers from Ain’t it Cool News were there. Some vagueish spoilers consisting of things like “River is in good fight scenes,” and “There are spaceships.”
The following quote is from the reviewer who went who is NOT a Whedon fan:

I’ll just get to the meat.
Whedon has created such incredible characters and dialogue in this movie. What has always struck me about most science fiction movies is that no one speaks normally, it’s almost as if space has stifled their sense of normalcy and rammed a giant stick up the characters’ asses. […] It doesn’t sound like much, but between the dialogue, the characters, and the visuals (effects were unfinished, but you could tell what will be in store for the final product), I believe that he has really not just elevated the genre, but has transcended it.
The characters are as fleshed-out as most Whedon fans would probably expect, but I was not prepared for this. Nathan Fillion (a guy I ashamedly say I only really recognized from Two Guys A Girl and A Pizza Place) is a great addition to the heroes of the big screen. He’s the best Han Solo since… well… Han Solo. […]

An aside: you know how to tell if the reviewer’s never seen the original show? He thought River (and Summer Glau) was a new addition to the cast since the show originally aired.

I’ll honestly say that her fight scenes blow away anything I’ve seen on Buffy, in Kill Bill, or just about anything I’ve seen in a long time. I found myself hoping for more fight scenes […] and then the fight scenes came.
The final fight, by the way, will not disappoint anybody; if you like air battles, check. Gun fights, check. Attacks by nasty ass villains (the Reavers), check. Hand to hand, check. Swords, check. Battles of wit, check.
It’s a great movie, none of this horseshit Steven Sommers-type popcorn movie, this is a great movie.

Yes, it could be a great movie and still tank at the box office, sure. It happens. Hell, alot of movies I like do that :)
But I am so jazzed.

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  1. That said, I am looking forward to this movie. I just hope that they, unlike Buffy and others, actually show the fight instead of hinting at it.

  2. Hmm. To clarify, I meant to say “camera work that displays the fight scenes as clearly as”, not “in the style of.”

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