One of those posts that only people in Denver will care about

A Tattered Cover Book Store opened November 15, in Highlands Ranch… about four minutes from our house! Yay!
Translations for those who don’t know: Tattered Cover is (I think) the largest independant U.S. book store west of the Mississippi. There are … what? three stores? All in Colorado. They’re cool, and there’s one right next to our house. Again, Yay.
Jackie and I stopped in on Thursday evening or something like that to check it out and do our part to establish the business — very nice atmosphere, very cool… it even smelled good. They’re obviously still getting moved all the way in, but the place was well-populated with a mix of browsers, readers and buyers, and one would think that a smaller operation like TC would have done exhaustive research on store placement, so I think it’s going to do well.
And, again… Yay.

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  1. Nonsense! It’s right in the way of ACNW. :)
    I prefer the Tattered Cover due to atmosphere. The TC has armchairs, and I seem to recall a lot more wood; bannisters, all the shelves; also, it has carpet, both the LoDo and the original, leading to a quieter and warmer feel. And it has people behind wooden desks to help you out.
    Powell’s doesn’t have as many places to sit, and they’re not so integrated with the shelves, and I seem to recall benches at best for seating. And with the cafe off in a corner, the smell of coffee doesn’t drift through the place so well.
    On the other hand, Oregon has no sales tax, and Powell’s has used books right there on the shelf with the new, and I like the color coded rooms and (especially) the employee recommendations tagged on the shelves.
    Anyway: Powell’s: a very good bookstore! But harder to spend all afternoon in.
    I heard from my mom about the new TC in Highland’s Ranch… She checked it out this weekend and said it was jam-packed with wee tots. I look forward to seeing it, probably Thanksgiving weekend when I’m back in Colorado…

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