Letter to Fans from Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite writes a letter to Browncoats everywhere From Firefly Fans.net — included here in its entirety simply because I’m having problems getting to FFN and suppose some of the rest of you will to.

Just wanted to say thank-you to everyone who made Dragon*Con such an
absolute blast. All three of us had an excellent time, and we were floored by the support and the love from the fans out there. The little Firefly that could, right? How is it that this could have happened? I can’t explain it. All I can do is feel grateful.
As for how much we need to make our first couple of weekends in order to carry on with our fantastic trilogy: All studios ever want to do is make their money back. That constitutes a huge hit for them. So as long as that budget comes back to them, which is $40 mil as we all know, then they will be happy as clams. Whoever made the comment ( I was snooping) that the second weekend is almost as important as the first weekend is absolutely correct: the interest has to carry through a little bit. A big drop in ticket sales after opening weekend is never a good thing. So if you do plan on seeing it twice, do so once the first weekend, and once the second weekend. Now, if you’re a TRUE fan (like me), then you’ll see it five times the first weekend and five times the second!! I for one am seeing it at least twice the day it opens, and I’m taking all of my family and all of my friends…
This is very exciting for all of us. We feel the anticipation and the enthusiasm building for this project, and after working so hard and loving it so much, it feels really redeaming. (think I spelled that wrong but who cares). To those of you I met at the con who expressed that enthusiasm to me personally, I LOVE you truly. I can promise you that this film will give you goosebumps, as it did to me, and you will walk away satisfied. There may be things you will love and there may be things you don’t, but I trust Joss’s storytelling ability whole-heartedly, and I can say that he is a very brilliant man who knows how to work an audience!
Thank you again for everything you’ve done for us. I’m glad we’re your “big damn heroes”, and I feel proud. This is the best fan base there ever was for the best show that ever was. Here’s to upcoming successes! You’re awesome!

I won’t say how many time I’ll be going to this — I probably won’t see it the first two weekends any more than I’ve seen… Our Mrs. Reynolds. How’s that?