UFO Detected

The original plan:
Spend an hour or so on Sunday morning looking up fan-created source material from the Microprose “X-Com: UFO Defense” game, due to a conversation I had this weekend. Use this material for an idea I have.
The actual result:
Find out, while digging around on the main fan site, that someone finally came up with a simple little file that you can use to run the game fairly reliably on modern machines (previously, anything faster than a slow pentium 1 running Win98 was impossible). Show to Jackie. Utterly blow off everything else for the rest of the day to play the best computer game EVAH.

4 Replies to “UFO Detected”

  1. FYI: You can actually find sites that move out of date computer games to your doorstep for the cost of shipping. XCOM Collectors Edition is one of them. Combine with free modfile from fansite for hours of time wastage.

  2. I’m only marginally annoyed that Jackie’s machine (a mildly dated 1.6ghz) STILL runs the game with fewer problems than my 2.6ghz… I have a slight tendency to crash and have hit a point where it looks like I’ve have to go back to an older save and move forward again.
    … that, and the fact that Jackie is much better at resource management than I am, and always has been.

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