Regardless of how it comes out…

The following is dramatization of real events:

“Hey, Mo, I know you were just planning to sit this one out — I mean, you competed in the preliminaries, sure, but you never intended or planned to be one of the only three gymnasts the US put up on this, the most terrifying apparatus, for the finals… and I know you’ve already done so much just to get here; what with sleeping on the floor of an unfurnished apartment and working pizza delivery just to pay for everything, and I know you’ve already done a lot for us tonight on the vault…
“But we’ve got this injury, y’see. Can you come in with no warm-up at all, with no warning, using a beam routine that has a 9.8 cap on it to begin with, and give us something at least close to a 9.5, maybe a 9.4… y’know, something that can keep us in the running?
“You can?”

I’d say that makes you a damn hero.

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