Wash gets new switches to flip.

Sci Fi Wire — Interview with Alan Tudyk

“The day before yesterday was my first day flying the spaceship. And I got all sorts of new switches. I love the switches and the buttons that light up.”

Very funny in light of the Same. Three. Switches. that he flips to do ANYTHING during the regular episodes.

3 Replies to “Wash gets new switches to flip.”

  1. Well, it will be something for us all to watch for in the movie.
    “Oh, look. They moved Wash’s three buttons.”

  2. My only concern with the cool uniforms and wider (and smooth) hallways is — this isn’t Trek, where the Enterprise may be refitted every movie or so. This is a tramp steamer out on the Rim. Change too much, and you lose some of the crude charm of the joint.
    That said, I trust Joss.

  3. What I believe they’ve done (looking at the production pictures) is just make everything safer and (a bit) easier to shoot in… there were a lot of metal edges on the set for the show that weren’t, strictly speaking, very safe — heck, the commentary tracks mentioned that people would burn themselves on the handrails of the catwalks just because the lights in the cargo bay heated them up too much.
    I’d imagine the whole ‘wider’ thing is a matter of a foot or something — too many people have said it ‘looks the same, but better’. :)

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