Second Opinion

The Ain’t It Cool News Comic-Con Reporter talks about the Serenity panel and compares the fan ovations to the other panels at the con.
It’s as I suspected: Joss’s ovation was “the second largest of the Con” losing out only to the cheering for the cast themselves. (Certainly I can’t see how that room could have gotten louder. My neck and chest muscles actually hurt the next day.)
Also, all that fan love may have created a Firefly convert in the process of reporting on the panel.
In other Firefly-convert news, my sister had the good fortune to contract strep throat the day that the Firefly DVD set I sent her showed up.
I mean she was lucky to get the set the day she had to stay home with strep… yeah, that was it.
I’m very nearly using Firefly DVDs as currency — I recently sent a set to my folks and my sister, and gave a set to Mary-the-Super-Con-Hostesss as well: It’s a present and propaganda all rolled up into one. The DVD set really fills the lamentable gap in American currency that lies between 20 and 50-dollar bills.

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  1. Heh I’ve done the same, giving it to my dad as a father’s day gift. I’m certain some friends will be getting them for birthdays soon, too.

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