Browncoats, mark your calendars

Joss speaks on the first day of principle photography for Firefly.

It was a blast. Sean said it was like school was back in session after summer vacation, which I have decided to take as a compliment. Gina did a happy dance (and there are few happier sights than Gina doing a happy dance).

The best part is the news on the release date, via official Universal channels:

If you’re planning to get married on April 22nd 2005, you better change the date. Seriously. Who gets married in April? Just change it. I can’t wait for you all to see what we’re putting together. It’s a crazy-quilt of infotainment that I like to call a ‘film’, and it just may be the best one ever made. Or one of the ones in the middle. Probably not the worst… I’m thinking middle. High middle. So buckle up and get ready for that patented Joss Whedon “high-middle” excitment. It’s on its way.

I’ve already got it in my Palm calendar.

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