Angel: “Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

As we close in on the end of yet another Whedon show, I have to say that I’m already quite a bit more happy with how this one looks like it’s going to end than I was with Buffy.
“Wipe out every bad guy we can find and burn the house down while we’re still inside.”
Hell yeah. Hell. Yeah. Going out like the Wild Bunch.

One Reply to “Angel: “Fall seven times, stand up eight.””

  1. I agree. If it must end, at least it will be a good one. I missed much of the last season of Buffy (my area didn’t have UPN until the season was almost over) but it was so strange with the whole house full of potentials and every day we’re all gonna die speeches. Last week’s Angel was so exciting I was ready to go out and kick butt. But, it was nearly bedtime so instead I just took a shower and brushed my teeth.

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