See, when you rush home to catch the new Alias episode, you need to make sure that the new episode is on at it’s normal time, not at 9 pm to make room for the Nick and Jessica Variety Hour, because otherwise you’re in for some emotional scarring.

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  1. We happened to catch (read: had injected into our eyeballs with hot pokers) an ad for that horror. Margie’s comment, “When did we go back to the 70s?”
    To which my editorial comment, “Yeah, the part of the 70s that was, like, really not funny.”

  2. Yep, the network thinks that dreck like Nick & Jess will pull their favorite demographic away from their Playstation 2’s.

  3. Too add insult to injury last night.
    When I switched back over from Arrested Development to await the start of Alias, I had to put the mute on as quickly as possible as they gruesome twosome were belting out “I’ve got you baby”.
    So, did the just go and pilfer unused Sonny and Cher shows for their material, or are there writers so desperate that they are forced to write for that kind of dreck?
    Just wondering…

  4. Also, it was nice to see Vaughn strap on a pair and ingage his brain finally after three seasons.

  5. Doyce, could you please stop watching Alias and start watching some other (really bad shows), this is one of the few shows I still watch and love, and I would hate for it to get cancelled just because you are tuning in and talking about it the next day. We will just call it the Firefly syndrome.

  6. Again showing that Doyce is doing his part fof the world of entertainment.
    The Nick and Jessica show won Sunday and won big in the 18-49 age groups. It would have beat Alias, if Alias has gone up against it.

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