There’s some hope after all.

Wonderfalls has been moved to the Fox Thursday night schedule, following the (hitting it’s stride?) Tru Calling. cancelled, because Fox execs are stupid rat bastards.

7 Replies to “There’s some hope after all.”

  1. yes…
    posted that in your comments on Monday when it was announced by FOX.

  2. “Yes, she’s a closet Enviromentalist…”
    “Did you know our basic cable has lesbian porn?”
    Great stuff!

  3. Excellent bits for and performances from Sis, Mom, Dad and the Best Bud.
    But it’s up against CSI and The Apprentice. If Fox had any brains they’d realize that any show would get savaged in that spot, but they’re Fox.

  4. This was the first I’d heard. I was hoping you were wrong. God I am depressed. Why? Why?
    Doesn’t anyone like good TV anymore? Are we faced with the horror of all-reality-tv??? If so, I’ll be tossing mine into the river and taking up square dancing.

  5. Frickin zipperheads at fox. Thay love to cancel the good shows. Don’t you wish you could e-mail some executives a big boot to the nads?

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