Smile Time Plot Hole

Pointed out by Jackie last night, while getting caught up on Angel: The human puppeteer guy sang “Courage and Pluck”.
Sang it.
In front of Lorne.

3 Replies to “Smile Time Plot Hole”

  1. The problem isn’t so much that he didn’t pick up anything — I mean, it is, but that’s not the hole in the script — they’ve ‘blocked’ Lorne’s readings a number of times in the past.
    The problem is really that they failed to acknowledge that he was in the scene. One-line later that said, “I read him when he sang and he was… kinda blank, I guess” or something — just enough to acknowledge it.
    It seems more like they (the writers) just forgot he could do it.

  2. I read this complained about somewhere else and it was explained thusly: The guy playing the human puppet was actually David Fury, one of the show writers… and no one ever knows what the writers are thinking!

  3. I thought that was Fury!
    Fun bit: he also appeared in Once More with Feeling as the “They Got the Mustard Out” lead singing guy. Man just loves to sing.
    Damn shame they never got a chance to put him on Firefly for something.

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