6 Replies to “Things I learned from Firefly, 2”

  1. Hmmm…methinks you have a thing for Kaylee! Not that there is anything wrong with that…
    Holiday visitors have disrupted my own viewing of FIREFLY…have to wait another five days to get back to Serenity. Enjoy the masterpiece a bit for me, will you?

  2. I just got back from the family celebration and got the boxed set for a gift!!! Go Me!!!
    Can’t wait to get to the strawberries part… :)

  3. Well Doyce, it sounds like it’s time to take Disk One away from you…
    And stop looking at Kallee that way.

  4. I’d pay $50 to be that strawberry… wait… *counting* I’ve got 57 dollars and 23 cents!

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