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Firefly – The Complete Series

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  1. Watched the First two disk’s last night. Incredible! With the exception of Out of gas, this has to be Joss’ best series to date. Great lines, well acted, tight dialog and writing. Not giving this show a chance (i.e. putting it on a none weekend night after the world series) is the stupidest thing fox has done since it threatened to sue it’s self.

  2. Serenity (parts 1 and 2): (didn’t get to watch when broadcast). I wish that fox hadn’t been the idiots that they think their viewers are, and shown this first like it meant to have been. Look! Character development! Our viewers attention span’s are waaaay to short to waste time on this.
    Now I know how most of the character came to be on the ship. All in all a good beginning.
    Grade B (for grainy darkness issues in the first ten minutes of the show)
    The Train Job: (got to see it when it was first broadcast). Just plain good times. Niska is a wonderful villain, and it was a great place to show just where the Crew’s boundaries were (CG/NG with Book being LG. A very good d20 party mix).
    Grade A- (for having to reintroduce all of the things that should have been covered if Fox had shown the shows in order).
    Bushwacked: (got to see it when it was first broadcast). It was a neat idea to have the Reavers fill in for the Indians that were the staple for the “scary thing” in the old westerns in the movies and TV.
    Grade A+ (Just for Wash’s interview with the alliance captain. Well, and Jayne’s to for that matter.)
    Shindig: (didn’t get to watch when broadcast). Now I know where the phrase “Captain Tight Pants” came from. Wonderful good times and chuckles all the way through. Kallee was just great! A good one to see the ins and outs of Inara’s world as well. An episode that shows one of Joss’ trademarks of focusing on the worlds of the non main characters and allowing them to shine.
    “See…The difference is I don’t show respect to the job. He doesn’t show respect to you”.
    Great stuff!
    Grade A+
    Safe: (didn’t get to watch when broadcast). Some good Simon and Kallee interaction. The focus on River and Simon and their past was fun as well. The Mystery about book could have been a great plot hook for years to come (sigh). The ending was cool with Jayne on the tether and Mal little speech to the towns folks (and the fact that now that everybody has bonded together makes this one a good one).
    Grade B+
    Our Mrs. Reynolds: (didn’t get to watch when broadcast). Now I know where “Vera” came from. Another great part about Joss’ shows is the fact that so many little things are packed into the shows that live on as background for the entire life of the Series. This was one of them. “Rainstick”, “Vera”, “plow”, “good bible” “I knew it! You let her kiss you too!”. All great stuff.
    Grade A+ (My fave of the ones that I’ve seen)
    Jaynestown: (didn’t get to watch when broadcast). Great all the way around. A very good Gamer episode in many ways.
    Grade A+ (My second favorite of the ones that I’ve seen)

  3. Disk three
    Out of gas: (saw when broadcast). After watching it again, I do like the back stories of Mal, Zoe, Kallee, and Jayne in the “B” plot. Still can’t get past the gaping logic holes in the “A” plot. Especially since Joss had done such a smart thing in not having sound in space. I guess I was just expecting that same level of attention to detail in this episode.
    Grade: C Berman-esque.
    Ariel: (Did not get to see when broadcast). Great all the way through. From the start, to the Mal/Jayne confrontation at the end. Nice to see Simon getting to show off some of his skill’s and how they could be useful to the rest of the crew (besides the normal doctoring stuff).War stories
    Grade: Shiny
    : (only got to see up to the “I’ll be in my bunk” quote). So good I had to watch it twice! And we start to see why the Blue Hand’s want to get River back. The sad part is that the whole River plot line was just starting to come to fruition, and one could see this as a long term story arc. Damned Fox!
    Great lines throughout:
    Jayne: “I’ll be in my bunk.”
    Zoe: “No…Wait. This is something the Captain needs to do for himself.”
    Mal: “No! No it’s not”
    Zoe: “Take me sir…Take me Hard.”
    Jayne: “Look! Free soup!”
    Grade: double plus shiny!
    Trash: (unaired). Woo-Hoo! Won’t say much for those of you still without the DVD’s yet.
    Grade: Triple plus shiny!

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