A few more short days to Firefly DVD

CFQ & Whedon

“As I sit here,” Whedon says today, “I sit next to a computer screen that represents the fact that I have been fighting every single day since we [Firefly] were canceled. If I lose the fight, it will be because the fight was unwinnable and for no other reason.”

Also, the Firefly Episode Guide, Part 1.
Also, sci-fi.com’s got a good interview with Whedon. I especially like his quote about Fox’s decisions with regards to Firefly:

They were so wrong that we may have to create a new word that means wronger. Ultimately, you don’t want to come in saying, “Check out my show. It will be incoherent.” You want to work with the people who are trying to sell the show. And if there had been any people trying to sell the show, I would have.