“So it’s about Power?”

The Morning News – TiVo’d

I place my hands around hers, gently moving her fingers to the correct buttons. “Open your mind,” I say. “Here’s what you’re saying with the TiVo, you’re saying: These are the shows I want to watch. I don’t know when, I don’t know in what order, maybe half of one and then half of another, maybe ten seconds here and there, maybe tonight, maybe a year from now, maybe backwards, maybe in slow motion, probably definitely skipping all commercials. This is what you’re saying: Hey, Mr. TV Man, I am taking your output and pummeling it into whatever shape I see fit.”

A really great little science fiction story. Or… is it?

One Reply to ““So it’s about Power?””

  1. ‘And you’re saying TiVo gives you god-like power.’
    When watching the Sunday Night game against the Bears, I could Quick Skip back and watch Stewart fumble over and over and over again. I got to put Kordell “I suck” Stewart through the pain he inflicted first on the Steelers fans for years and now will put the Bears through on the climate controlled concreate of the Metrodome over and over again.
    Yep, God-like power.

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