5 Replies to “About damn time”

  1. Yeah… that’s some sort of weird pre-order site, which is just where Arref was pointing to it… I’ll be waiting for a copy in my local bookstore.

  2. Yeah, I did a quick Amazon check and didn’t see anything out as yet. Not that Amazon is by any means the final word in such things.

  3. Huh. Mixed feelings.
    Just ordered the thing and found out that the book club publishing it is owned by John Betancourt. As a Zelaznyphile I’m inclined to dislike him for writing Amber novels in direct contravention of RZ’s wishes. As a Zelaznyphile I applaud him publishing the collection of short stories. The club’s selection of other books is pretty interesting too.
    Re: Amazon. You have to order it through the book club. It may go to stores etc in ’04 if there are any left, or if it sells so well they print more.

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