“Screws fall out, the world’s an imperfect place…”

Yesterday, someone asked me if I remembered the The Breakfast Club.
Remember? Dude. I was fifteen when that movie came out — seminal experience doesn’t cover it; if you tore apart my DNA, there’d probably be a strand with the dialogue for the whole move etched in the side.

2 Replies to ““Screws fall out, the world’s an imperfect place…””

  1. Saw it when I was about 30. Mildly amusing. Brought it up only because of claims the toon Teen Titans (haven’t seen it) characters are mapped onto the BC characters.

  2. My daughter is 25 and that is a touchstone movie for her, too. I had no idea the reverence she and her posse hold for that movie until I watched it with them and saw the rapt expressions, the anticipation when beloved bits of dialogue were about to come.
    John Hughes really caught the zeitgeist.

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