This is so cute, and also kinda sad: Gellar talks about Scooby Doo like it’s a real movie.
A choice quote:

“I think the first story sort of revolved around Daphne finding her place…”

Yeah, the movie’s plot revolved around Daphne. This statement is amusing both for the obvious reason (Gellar’s overwhelming ego) and for the assumption that there was a plot.
The sequel (god yes, there’s a sequel) “takes on a mystery in their hometown of Coolsville, which will feature the return of several well-known monsters from the classic Scooby-Doo animated TV series. Mystery, Inc.’s adversaries this time around will include the Black Knight Ghost, the Pterodactyl Ghost, the Tar Monster, the 10,000-Volt Ghost”.
I’m all ready to be snide and dismissive, because I hated the show when I was a kid — hated, the only good thing about the first movie was that it didn’t follow the standard storyline — but then some bastard had to go and cast Seth Green in the damn thing, and now I’ll want to see it :( I can’t have any fun.
Oh, by the way, Pirates of the Carribean rocks. Raaawwwwwks. Go see it. Go see it twice.

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  1. I was done with her when she skipped the BtVS wrap party. You spend 7 years with people and you skip the wrap party? Girl, get over yourself.

  2. Ummm…I liked the cartoon and the movie.
    Yeah, I never really watched Buffy for SMG anyway. I was always partial to Willow and Xander.

  3. As Doyce has said before…
    “I watched Buffy inspite of SMG, not because of SMG”.
    All the other characters were far more interesting then Buffy.
    So…Any bets as to how her movie career is going to do now that Buffy is over.

  4. Well, it’s as real as any movie SMG’s got around right now. More so than 2004: A Light Knight’s Odyssey (voice of Ranger) or Happily N’Ever After (voice of Cinderella).
    Yep, her career’s smokin’.

  5. I suspect that she will go the way of any number of other TV actresses who figured that transitioning from a popular TV role to being a movie star was a piece o’ cake.
    While skipping the wrap party is tacky beyond words, at least she stuck it out to the end of the series.

  6. PotC did rock.
    Other then getting a bit dragy in the 3/4 mark, and the overlong sword fight at the end, it was fantastic. Johnny Depp was frelling fantastic (as usual), Keira Knightley was Deliciously good, and Geoffrey Rush was as good as he was in Quills. The CGI was seamless to the point that not even thinking “wow…great CGI”. All in all a good time. In the top five for movies that I have seen this year.

  7. The only quibble I had was that Depp was sometimes hard to understand when he was talking softly, while Rush was hard to understand when he wasn’t.
    They both obviously knew exactly what they were trying to say… wasn’t always clear to me, though. It behooves viewers to watch from a place in the theatre where the sound is good.
    Minor quibble, however, in a great show.

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