So after the soccer game on Sunday we went to see X2.
Good stuff. Lots of plot, and a definite improvement in some respects from X-men. I get the distinct feeling that the third movie (and there will obviously be one) will finally bring the whole concept together — the franchise is benefiting from the assumption that they’d always have at least a couple more movies to tell the story — it makes the franchise itself more interesting and lets them tell stronger stories in the time available, since they use the next movie to expand on a Hint from the previous one.
Good stuff. We’ll be going again.
(There’s enough going on in the movie that Justin was losing track of who was allied to to whom as things progressed — we sat around talking about it this morning, lost track of time and pretty soon the bus was pulling up and he didn’t have his socks on yet. I took him to school (the least I could do), but I guess this goes down as his first “I was late for class because I was a geek.” incident.)

I’m still looking forward to the Matrix more, though :)

3 Replies to “X-tatic”

  1. Loved X2. Actually took Friday afternoon off to see it.
    When Matrix Reloaded hits, I’m taking off the whole freakin day. The trailers just look that good.

  2. awwwww. That’s so cute. Late-for-school-geeker incident, that is.
    bloody buggering bolloxs, my sister DID have to graduate from college on the same weekend as X2… grrrr….

  3. Yeah, and the previews rocked! Much better than the Shaolin Soccer preview from Bulletproof Monk. X2 was AWESOME!

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