I’m going to call that seven years well-spent.
Damn. Great ending. Great beginning.
Oh, and a Strongbad reference in the very short spoiler section:

If you’re not familiar with the StrongBad crew (www.homestarrunner.com), you might want to check it out. Joss has been seen wearing StrongBad t-shirts to film premieres, so he’s definitely into it.
And he wrote last night’s episode…
Anyway, in the scene last night when Andrew and Amanda and Giles and Xander were playing DnD, Gile’s “dwarf with the mystic strength of a doily” gets beat up by “Tragdore the burninator.”

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  1. So at some point with you I’ll have to sit down and hear all about it. Having all-or-nothinged BtVS, I’m certainly curious.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how they’re going to work Spike’s dream (“I’m drowning in footwear!”) into Angel :)

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