Roger Ebert doesn’t screw up too often — as a reveiwer, he’s the sort of guy that generally seems to ‘get it’ in the same way that I and the rest of my heathens (tip of the hat to JillMatrix for that phrase) get it — so if a genre anime or adaptation movie hits the screen and seems to be getting panned by every critic that ever pulled free of the pond muck, I check out Ebert’s take over at the Chicago Sun Times, looking to see if it’s a dissenting voice or a unanimous vote of “suck”. He’s the guy that’s going to say “this is a hell of a fun movie” when everyone else is saying “Why did anyone think Tank Girl was a good idea?”
Sadly, it looks like Bulletproof Monk isn’t going to live up to it’s previews — there’s too many people saying ‘what the hell were they thinking’ for it to be a good sign.

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  1. Sounds like (at least from Ebert’s review) this one could join the ranks of the “Really-Good-Really-Bad Movies (TM).” I’ve never had a problem looking past elements in a movie that are there for no other reason than plot convenience. For example, in Total Recall, why in the world would there be a fire axe in an all-metal structure? Obviously the engineers who designed the building had the forethought to realize that a fight may take place in the building at some point and that an axe might come in handy for that purpose! Movies like this can be a lot of fun if you learn to just ‘go with the flow’ and not question and analyze every little thing that happens. Some of my all-time favorite movies are of this nature… Hudson Hawk, Mortal Kombat (and Mortal Kombat II), Dungeons & Dragons (despite the 4th-rate acting). Sounds like this might be at the very least a good movie to rent :)

  2. I’ll wait for Doyce to buy the DVD, then borrow it … :-)
    The print ads for it have looked pretty good.
    And … hey, what about that fire axe? Dang …

  3. Unfortunatley I saw it… it was sad. How could a movie with the names Chow Yun Fat AND John Woo on them be soooooo bad? Plot could have been interesting, but it wasn’t. Choragraphy could have been awesome, but it wasn’t. And they only gave Chow Yun Fat double guns for about 30 seconds – what’s up with that?????

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