7 Replies to “Speak of the Devil…”

  1. What country are you in Clovis?
    France, Germany, and Isreal would probably block it.
    The site is an Enigma Machine for sale on Ebay.

  2. I’m sitting in Northwest Portland Oregon, USA, NAFTA.
    I’ll switch browers from this Apple – KDE hack I’m using now, although I’ve not had trouble with Ebay before.
    Yep, for some reason it wasn’t liking Safari, but it works fine in the Mozilla hack Chimera.

  3. My advisor at college kept one of these in his office… Of course, he’s a former NSA employee moved into teaching.
    As a class project in my senior year Cryptology course, he had us replicate the breaking of it as a 2-week class project. (Yes, we all had the chance and in fact were required to use the machine to encyrpt and decrypt messages.) Since that, I have had great respect for the Poles and Brits who did the work without having someone else’s notes to reference for methodology.

  4. For a great book about the era and the cryptography that pervaded it, I recommend Cryptonomicon. Great stuff, good read.*
    * – Didn’t love the ending, but that’s a personal preference.

  5. Yeah, I’m a big fan (excepting that I agree with you about the ending). Especially that he actually treats the math and mathematicians with some respect (and manages to teach some complex topics VERY well, such as with the bicycle spoke thing).

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