Captain Tightpants on Buffy?

Nathan Fillion (news) is joining the cast of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer (news – Y! TV),” taking on a key role in the final five episodes of the about-to-wrap series.
Fillion, who most recently starred in “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon’s short-lived Fox television drama “Firefly,” will play Caleb, a man of God who’s…

Well, all the rest of the story is spoilers. If you want to read the rest, it’s over here.

3 Replies to “Captain Tightpants on Buffy?”

  1. That’s going to be tough, since I now have a pre-set image of him on Firefly. Should be interesting though.

  2. My housemate and I were thinking, “Hmm… “Buffy” is ending, and “Firefly” needs to continue… I know! “River the Vampire Slayer!” ”
    See, in the future, the line of slayers that ended with Buffy needs to be reactivated, and the blue-gloved government guys are out to do what they can… ;)

  3. Madeline, that sounds like something post-Buffy, pre-Fray. I like it!
    I did not follow because I do not want to read spoilers. *builds wall against spoilage* Thanks for the warning, Doyce!

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