The only daredevil is the casting director

Unlike Dave, I’ve been pretty biased in my initial reaction to the new Daredevil movie coming out — both because DD was never really one of my favorite characters and because I think the casting they went with is a horrorshow.
Now, I like Jennifer Garner — I’ve been watching her in Alias for a couple of years and been satisfied by the physicality of the character — very kickboxing, but they acknowledge that that’s the training she has (notably in a great episode guest starring Tarantino), and it works. Her acting isn’t quite up to the level of the two actors that play her parents, but then they are both amazing, and she is still very good. Not really pretty, but that’s me.
Anyway, none of this information applies.
The difference is that Alias is basically realistic with it’s combat scenes: Garner’s character might (and frequently does) strike someone who just takes it in relative stride and smacks the crap out of her because she just doesn’t have the mass. Conversely, look at the DD snippet linked above and count the number of pointless weapon-twirls racked up between the two characters. in thirty seconds.
And the wirework is flat out horrible. Flat. Out. Horrible.
No comments on Affleck’s acting ability — clearly, Matt Damon got the lion’s share of talent in their divorce proceedings (going to go buy Bourne Identity tonight: yay!)

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  1. Yeah, I forgot to comment on the batonsai-twirling. What’s up with that? What part of ninjitsu training does that reflect?

  2. As I stated on my trailer link on the building intranet page:
    “Daredevil (MPEG, 23.3m) – I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have an easier time buying Ving Rhames as The Kingpin than believing Ben Affleck is The Man Without Fear.”

  3. I’m refusing to see this movie. Not only should Ben Affleck not be playing DD, but if he is ever cast in another comic-to-film movie I will commit acts of mass destruction on the production company that hires him.

  4. Ving Rhames isn’t the Kingpin, that’s Michael Clarke Duncan, the guy from The Green Mile.
    Eh, DD wasn’t ever a comic I read, but I’m enjoying the trailers. I’ll go see it for Joey Pants and Jennifer Garner and the aforementioned MCD. I like Affleck, but this isn’t a good role for him.
    Oh, and Doyce, you are so right on the money on Alias with Garber and Olin. Lena Olin’s addition to the cast this year was brilliant. I am so glad I’m ReplayTV’ing it this year.

  5. Weapon twirling. How very Xena. And Hercules, Kull, Conan, Scorpion King, etc. I guess when a Hollywood writer sees a straightish, longish item in someone’s hand the styllings of John Phillip Souza fill his head and it’s majorette time!

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