Musical bits

Last night’s Buffy was hit-and-miss at best, vacillating between hilarious, uncomfortable, lame, and crapfest. Ahh well, they can’t all be gems.
But the music was fun. Here’s the ones I could identify:
[1] Theme From A Summer Place (particularly funny if you remember how Oz describes his perfect woman).
[2] The Shins – “New Slang”
[3] The Breeders – “Little Fury
[4] The Breeders – “Son Of Three”
[5] Coldplay – “Warning Sign” (I really should get some more of their stuff.)
Substance to this post? Not at all. Just felt like displaying the geek plummage for all to see.

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  1. missed it… but i heard it wasn’t one of the great ones. still i’ve got to learn to set my vcr cause the hubby also missed smallville. oh well… there’s always next (this) week

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