Joss Whedon destroys J.K. Rowling in no-holds-barred Cage Match

I’m officially foregoing Harry Potter tonight so i can stay home and watch Firefly instead. Jackie and Justin are still going — the shows are sold out for the whole night.
Seems like something similar happened with the first HP movie — everyone went, then I went later. Whatever. First one didn’t do much for me that the book hadn’t already done.
Geeky Trivia: The producer’s assistant that keeps a blog on the firefly website has a cameo in tonight’s episode.

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  1. Doyce, I’m sure randy will go any time your free. BTW the LoTR:FotR SE is Great! I even has a free ticket for LoTR:TT (line standing stilll mandatory).

  2. I haven’t picked up either that or the Ep. 2 DVD yet. Also, I just noticed a few days ago that I screwed up and got the full-screen version of the Spiderman DVD instead of widescreen.
    They’re gonna revoke my geek card…

  3. I just got a new DTS/DD reciver and a progressive scan 5 DVD changer for the LotR and Ep 2 DVDs, along with Band of Brothers.
    Watched the SE LotR twice, it’s really sweet.
    Waiting for my cables so I can watch in progressive :)

  4. Random bit of trivia: Firefly pulled a 2.9 neilson rating for it’s timeslot, behind all three of the major networks.
    Third place was a 5.9 rating for America’s Funniest Home Videos. What a country of simpletons we are.
    I’m not mad that it beat Firefly, really. I’m embarassed that it did, on behalf of the people watching it.

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