Hidden Things, Nov. 8 snippet that I liked:

At the security desk Vikous paused, his hands jammed in his coat pockets, the cigar leaking a thin line of smoke into the air from the corner of his mouth. The guard eyed them both suspiciously.
“Business?” he asked.
“Top floor. The party.” Vikous looked bored.
“Invitation,” the guard said, leaning forward with a hand extended. Vikous just looked at him. The guard settled back in his seat, his eyes hooded. “How do you know there’s a party if you don’t have an invitation?”
Vikous’ shiny black eyes watched the guard without moving. With slow deliberation, he pulled his right hand out of his pocket and laid it on the desk counter, leaning on it toward the guard as he said “Well, there would have to be a party, wouldn’t there?”
Calliope couldn’t see his face clearly from that angle but something in the guard’s face seemed to give way for just a moment, leaving his eyes showing white all the way around as he looked at Vikous.
“Second elevator on the right,” he said, his voice barely audible.

If you’re interested in reading it as it comes out, go here.