Just for kicks, I picked up a used copy of Resident Evil a few weeks ago at E/B. I’d heard that the interface was sort of weird (it is), and frankly that’s the sort of game I’d rather play on my PC than a console but hell, it was only 5 bucks.
I started fiddling around with it a few days ago.
Holy sweet criminey, but they do know how to crank the freak-out dial up to 11, don’t they?
I say again: Gah.

20 Replies to “Yeearrrrgh!”

  1. Hehehehe. We played it as a group, and could not resist commenting on the house decor, the amazing effects of the mysterious “green herb” and the way you can tell when a zombie is dead. Not to mention the outfits… on the other hand, they ought to have a MST3k style show on the video games channel.

  2. I got that when I got my GameCube.
    That danged thing is scary. Mario Sunshine has replaced it in the ‘Cube.
    The old Alien game on C-64 was a little bit more scary, but not much.

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