Last night was pretty damn good

It finally occured to me last night that the Buffy crew has been missing a cast member for awhile… a subtle element of the show that makes it somehow ‘better’ when present and ‘worse’ when it’s not.
That cast member? The high school. MAN it’s good to have it back.

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  1. Another thing we had last night that we’ve been mostly missing for a while is a significant degree of non-supernatural subtext/metaphoric meaning/real world parallels to the episode’s threat.
    While I’ve liked most of and loved some of the plot-focused last season+, Buffy’s really at it’s best when it’s about more than just the story its telling on the surface.

  2. I have never been able to really follow Buffy before, but I’m making an effort to watch it this season, mostly to see why my friends like it so much. The episode on last night was terrific. If they can maintain that level of writing I’ll keep tuning in.

  3. *snort* If they can maintain that level of writing? Xkot, baby…they’ve been writing like this for SIX YEARS now. Buy the DVDs (or tune into F/X every night at 6 and 7 PM)…you’re in for a treat!

  4. I’ve only been watching the last couple years, since they hit college. I’ve loved the show, but, yeah, so far this season is the best I’ve seen. If the high school is it, thank god they went back. This was a fine episode of televison. It’s a shame this show is about the supernatural, or else they’d probably get a lot more credit for the writing. They can deal with interpersonal relationships better than any show on TV (including the Sopranos, who’s mobsters are really just as much a cartoon as Buffy’s demons).

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