WeekGeekend in Review

The weekend was a whirlwind of Geekness.
(Descriptions of roleplaying geekness ahead. Continue at your own risk.)

Friday night was Star Wars, which we actually (a) accomplished stuff during and (b) finished up by midnight. Those two things occur only rarely, and almost never at the same time, so it was quite a coup.
Saturday morning Justin had Soccer practice (no game) that lasted into the afternoon, then we went dice shopping and picked up the d20 Silver Age Sentinels book, getting back to the house just in time to clean up a little bit before everyone showed up for the Cry Havoc game. Justin spent the evening painting miniatures and the game itself was fun (I might talk about that more on the gaming page later, who knows).
Sunday morning I got up late because dammit, I could. Justin and I went to the track to run while Jackie took the dogs for a walk. I had a few minutes to sit around (and moan) after that, then Scott D. showed up to film a thing for the Con coming up this weekend. After that, it was a make-up game for Living Force, running the stuff that ran at the last con for Dave, Lori, ***Dave, Margie, Rey and Jackie. Wrapped up around… 11? I have no idea.
Monday morning was… not much again, and I slept for awhile. When I finally got up, we ran some errands, painted some lead and then went to the Consortium where I ran some Oriental Adventures, which I’m enjoying quite a bit. I’m using the Living Rokugan modules from the RPGA, converted to d20, which is a lot of work, but gives me a chance to change the plots around a bit and work up certain storylines. We finished up around 7pm, Margie made something amazing for supper and (just when you figured I couldn’t pack any more GEEK into four days) we watched that latest two Farscape episodes.
Can’t BELIEVE they’re leaving us hanging on a To Be Continued until January. Bastards.

6 Replies to “WeekGeekend in Review”

  1. Farscape pissed me off.
    What was that? 6 eps? And two of them are wastes.
    And lets not explain any thing like – why the hell is Scorpy alive other than “I found him”. And why is Aeyrn running around assasinating people that then give her nasty viri.

  2. Hmmm… can I talk you into running the rest of the LF trilogy from BenCon? There’s another 4 or so people who haven’t had the chance to play yet ;-)

  3. FS’s dense and tangled undergrowth of subplots (so complex that they need elaborate flashbacks and hallucinatory reminders of them) is not supported well by SciFi’s chopping up of the airing schedule into block/hiatus/block/hiatus.

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