I have always firmly believed that Monsters, Inc. is a superior movie to Shrek. I like Shrek fine, and the finally ‘message’ is a good one that I wholeheartedly support, but it isn’t just about the final message, and when it comes to the whole movie, I just enjoy MI so much more. Watching the show again last night simply reinforced my previous opinion.
Dave agrees, which doesn’t really surprise me, as the similarities between Boo and Katherine are both strong and multiplying :).

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  1. Boo’s giggling, her introducing Sully to her room, her ability to magically appear at different places, her dubbing Sully “Kitty!” — if she’d been a little blond waif, I’d have demanded royalties.

  2. You’d have to get in line, Dave. :)
    So tell me, guys…my husband was entranced with Boo as well, did it torque you (as it did him) that you didn’t get to see her in the last scene when Sully went back to say hi?

  3. Actually, no. That would have been the cheap, easy way to do it. And, really, it’s not Boo’s story. It’s Sully’s story. His coming to grips with (and turning away from) being a scary monster, his learning to care for Boo, his fighting for what is the right thing to do.
    Frankly, I can’t think of a better ending than watching that wonderful, smitten, delighted smile when he peered in and heard Boo shout, “Kitty!”

  4. Bah. I’m a Shrek fan, through and through. MI is nice, but a little too cute. I find it highly amusing, but Shrek is just more my style.
    I guess I’m an onion too, and not a kitty.

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