~ The Fight ~

The morning didn’t come the way Steven thought it would. It was much noisier. There were screams and people hollering
and sounds like an echoing crack.
I know that sound. Don’t I?
Then his cage shook and one of the camp was leaning against his cage. Their beady eyes were looking straight in at him, but they were cloudy. Blank.
It’s knife had fallen just outside the
not my
cage. Much easier than working the ties.
Moving very slowly, so that he wouldn’t have to argue with the other voice, he reached out for the tool and started to cut. The camp got quieter around him. The little explosions stopped
ran out of shells
somewhere in the middle. He got the gate open and pushed. Easy. He dropped the knife on the floor of the cage and crawled out.
A few feet away, three real people stood.
Churkk was right behind him.