Some sort of conclusion…

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support. You guys are the best.
I want to thank all my readers. You helped me get through this thing, which was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
This effort, the money we raised for CapCURE, and especially Vayland Rd. are dedicated to my Dad, who’s dealing with goblins of his own right now.
You keep swinging, old man; I’ll keep handing you the heavy sticks.

4 Replies to “Some sort of conclusion…”

  1. Way to go, ya big bruin!Sorry I wasn’t able to comment more, but a baby daughter with bad dreams tends to take up one’s time.
    Most of my family has has cancer at one time or another. I couls swear that it runs in the family. It was good to see that I could support a long-time fave and a charity that was so close to home.
    Great job, Doyce. It was worth every penny.

  2. Hi Doyce
    How’d you change that from Mom to Dad? Ya I know you can do magic with this thing. Good going we’re really proud of you. Sorry I missed the 4-5am hour that I promised but I was late getting up and the old moocows were calling. Now time for church. We’ll check in with you later. Love Ya, Mom

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